Monday, August 22, 2011


Much to my surprise I have actually been quite busy at work recently. Don't get me wrong, I still have time to search the internet, stalk facebook, and play angrybirds... but finding time to work on my separate design projects seems to be lacking. (Conveniently right when I created a whole blog dedicated to such projects, of course).  In the meantime, while I spend time on actual work projects, here is a look at some of the work I have done for one of my freelance design clients, the Arthritis Foundation of Washington DC.

I call the Arthritis Foundation a "freelance client" but I'll be honest... I do work for them ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE. I have a friend who works for the organization and my freelance originally started as a way to help her out. She struggled with the task of creating invitations in Microsoft Word or Publisher, and I vomited/cringed at the sight of them!  (No offense, love ya, Katie!) I started off just making one or two invitations, and now I have sort of turned into her go to gal for design projects...which I absolutely love! I'm not sure how long this freelance gig will keep up, due to the fact that the AF actually PAYS someone to be their designer. But for now, I am just thankful enough that my friend prefers my style over theirs.

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