Wednesday, August 10, 2011


One of my good friends recently got engaged and is starting to plan her upcoming wedding which means, I have officially become a wedding planner!  And when I say officially, what I really mean is I nominated myself to design anything and everything needed for her wedding. Of course she said yes.

First things first, the invitation for her engagement shower and housewarming party. My friend is great to design for because she has a very minimalist style, like myself, and likes everything I design, also like myself.

I came up with a few designs, but ultimately we decided upon this as the final choice.  I created the little image myself, and if you look closely you'll notice they are little hearts. Awwww so cute. Congratulations Katie! Consider my services to you, a wedding present! Your welcome.


  1. I hadn't noticed the little hearts before - LOVE this so much! I'm sure Katie was thrilled!

  2. Great job Dara! You should start a business, I love your designs!

  3. Clearly you can tell I'm new to this! THANKS Schniz for the great suggestion of "blurring" out the addresses and personal information.