Friday, June 1, 2012


Now is the time when all the PhotoCard companies are asking for design submissions for their Holiday 2012 collection. For this first round of designs,  I decided to submit two of my original designs to Minted.  Next week I will finish working on the remaining two designs and submit those to PhotoCardDirect (where my Hanukkah card will be sold). Since a lot of companies ask designs to submit artwork, as a designer you are not allowed to submit the same design to multiple companies. I'm taking a gamble and hoping that at least one of these does well.  On the bottom right corner of my site, you will notice I included a "voting badge".  Feel free to vote for my designs directly on the Minted website that way.

(a little fun fact: they provide you with a wide variety of "photos" to use on your design layout... I always for some reason feel silly coming up with the "fake" family names though?)

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