Friday, April 20, 2012


I found out that there are a ton of companies out there sponsoring contests looking for designers to submit original work to their collections. One of the websites I started designing for specifically is The same rules apply for the other contests, a specific category is requested... I create and submit my design, and if selected I turn over my art files, receive a small cash prize then make commission on any sales made.

While I wait for my next invitation client, and in-between my full-time graphic design commitments, these challenges are the perfect outlet for me to feel creative, inspired and work on something really fun. The best part is, new contests open up weekly so there is always an opportunity to be designing something.

The first contest I found out about was for believe it or not, designing a Hanukkah photo card! I already had created this Hanukkah image back in December, so it was very easy to incorporate it into a photo card. For this contest, there is no "winner" or place rankings, but either way, my design was selected to be sold on their website.

Below is what the card will look like.


  1. You're seriously so talented! And I'm sending a few clients your way SOON - I promise! :)

  2. Dara, I love this card! And good for you that your design was chosen to be sold on their website!!