Monday, February 20, 2012


As a designer one of my favorite websites to get ideas and inspiration is At least 2 to 3 times a month, Minted has "design challenges" calling all designers to submit their work. The previous categories have been: moving announcement, wedding invitation, graduation announcement, etc... The winners of these design challenges win cash prizes (first $500, second $250, third-twenty $150, special awards $150, and editor's picks $100) and the opportunity for their design to be sold on Minted. A while back, I decided to participate in  the "arts print challenge". Basically I submitted a few prints.  I actually didn't tell anyone about the submission or the challenge... I'm not sure why, but I kind of did it for fun.  It was neat going on the the site and seeing other people actually voting and liking my designs (without having to force them to). 

A few weeks ago I got an email from Minted... here is what it said:

"Hi Dara! We’ve just been presented with an exciting opportunity to include a preview of Minted art prints on display for the designers and bloggers at this year’s Alt Design Summit! <>  We feel that your design is a perfect example of what’s to come when Minted takes the leap into luxe art prints. This also is an amazing opportunity to show off your work to some of the most influential design bloggers in the world. We are pre-requesting your files as early editor’s picks so that we can print art prints for the conference."

Here I was...all self-conscious about my submission and what do you know, I was selected as an early editors pick AND they want my print on display at what seems to be the coolest design conference! (oh ya, that also means I won $100!)

Below is the art print I submitted. It is 16"x16", picture this framed in a white frame.

Since my design was selected as an early editors pick, I was asked not to post/tell anyone about it until all the winners were chosen.  Now, all the winners are posted on their site, and I should be receiving my "prize" in the mail any day now. I also have to re-create the print in 5 different sizes in 3 color options each. (definitely stressing over the alternate color combinations!) My print will be on sale on the Minted website for people to purchase and on-top of my cash prize, I will receive an additional 8% commission on all of my prints sold.

I am super flattered to have actually won an art challenge!  This is definitely a confidence boost, and gives me a little more confidence to participate in more challenges. Another challenge is coming up at the end of the month and I intend on participating and submitting a few prints. I have already started working on the new designs... be on the lookout for a post about the next challenge (yes, this time I will inform you about it as well as make you vote)


  1. Ah! CONGRATS DARA! You are so talented, I seriously love everything you do. :)

  2. Congratulations! You should definitely keep entering in these contests as CLEARLY you're a rock star! :) xoxo