Monday, December 5, 2011


It's December, which means Christmas literally threw up EVERYWHERE. The grocery store, target, work, the mall. It is bananas. To me, the most frustrating thing this time of year isn't the crazy amount of people shopping or lack of parking spots anywhere... its the non-existent amount of Hanukkah respect! Don't get me wrong, I secretly lovvvvvvve Christmas (minus the music) and practically celebrate it every year with Collin and his family. But find it nearly impossible to buy my family a decent Hanukkah card anywhere! Last year I remember Stacey and I drove around to 5 different stores in search of a Hanukkah card to send to my Grandpa.  We went home defeated, and made him a card out of leftover construction paper. This year, I am not only prepared but beating the system. I am creating/designing my OWN Hanukkah cards. Take that Christmas!



  1. love the cards!!! print me out some of the first card ... with the name caryn, so i can send them to friends. also double love this post- since it was posted at 11:27am :0 hehe. great work, as usual!!!

  2. I love this post and I love both cards! So cute!