Tuesday, November 8, 2011


My bff and I dream of going into business together. As you know, Jen is an event planner by day, wedding planner at night/weekends and is quickly booking up! Since she gets most of her clients by referral, Jen and I decided in order to get her business to where it needs to be, we needed to brand her... so I introduce to you Defining Moments!  Wedding planning by Jen!

First, I created a logo and business cards for Jen. (shown above) Next, I designed her blog. And currently I am working on her website. (more on that to come later) I can't wait for the website to be finished and for Jen to be able to pass out her business cards at all her upcoming weddings!! Until then, you can get your Defining Moments fix at Jens blog...

...and did you know Defining Moments uses daradesigns exclusively? ;)


  1. If you're not with daradesigns you're not with me!! :)

  2. I'm with both of you!! Great job, Dara, I love your designs so much.